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Browse our selection of goods from several different religions

You'll find all kinds of accessories and resources for Native American, Catholic and Pagan practices. Something Magical stocks plenty of items from all different cultures and religions.

We have dream catchers, handmade soaps and essential oils you can use in your home. For meditation, we carry seat cushions from Zappos. You can also shop for tapestries and pillows to decorate your home. We even sell wands reminiscent of Harry Potter. Remember: the wand chooses the wizard!

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Add to your crystal collection with our array of gemstones

Crystal healing helps you balance your chakras and ease stress. There are plenty of different uses for each different crystal. We'll help you determine which crystals you can benefit from the most at this point in time.

Is this your first foray into the world of crystal healing? Read up on the basics when it comes to crystals:

  • Amethyst reduces anxiety and brings a sense of control
  • Rose quartz fosters a peaceful environment and promotes love
  • Carnelian inspires creativity and strengthens vitality
  • Lapis lazuli encourages honesty and improves confidence
  • Labradorite enhances imagination and protects you from anxiety

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